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The Rig - "Rainbowrunner 2" and "Rover"

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These are pics of some of the fish we have caught so far since moving to Brisbane in Jan 2004. Since the new boat was purchased in May 05 we have been exploring Northern Moreton Bay with some success. Pics here are from Northern Moreton Bay , Mud island, Redcliffe reefs, The Pine river and North Pine Dam/Lake Samsonvale, and a couple of quick trips back to Gladstone harbour and Lake Awoonga.


Some nice Squire/Snapper from Redcliffe using both bait and soft plastic lures


A nice little Woody Point Snapper and a couple of Estuary cod from Woody Point/Redcliffe


More redcliffe Estuary Cod with Suttons Beach in the background


Redcliffe Snapper and Estuary Cod


Moreton Bay Snapper  


Tangalooma wreck Snapper and Estuary Cod,  and a Curtin reef cod

A couple of Mac Tuna and some spawning run mullet taken by castnet in Pine River


Some summer School mackeral caught with mack slugs around the beacons and sighting surface feeding fish and casting to them

A decent Yellowtail king from Curtain Artificial reef, some Mud Island soft plastic Squire and catfish.


Barracuda from Curtain Artificial reef, another curtain reef kingy and a Pine River trevally


Brisbane River Threadfin Salmon , Grassy Sweetlip, and yet another Curtain Kingy

Jewfish and a little Threadfin Salmon from the Pine river and a Moreton Island Shovelnose ray

Sunshine Coast Mangrove Jack and Brisbane River Threadfiin Salmon

Northern Bay Orange spot Estuary Cod and Caboolture river Jewfish



more Sunshine Coast Mangrove Jack

Kaimens first decent Kingfish and a nice Pine River Bream

This double hookup on Yellowtail Kings and Longtail Tuna at Curtain Artificial Reef was the result after making this video on how to catch Pike for live bait.
The second video is another day with my boy and his mates chasing Yellowtail Kingfish.

Curtin Reef Parrot fish and Longtail or Northern Bluefin Tuna

A nice haul of bottle squid from inside Moreton Island


Tiger Squid taken off Woody Point Jetty.


Tiger Squid Shorncliffe Jetty and a few from Scarborough 



92cm flathead from the pine river and a slightly smaller one


Seems to be quite easy to catch flathead in the Pine River, weve had some really good sessions of up to 50 fish between 3 of us in a few hours when they are on


We always seem to get a good feed when using Soft plastics to chase flathead

A Wobbegong shark on a live Pike, those soft plastics can catch anything, and we get some nice mudcrabs around here too.

Kaimen with his best bass (for all of us) so far at 54cm, and a couple more from North Pine Dam/Lake Samsonvale.
We catch quite a few Redclaw Crayfish when we fish North Pine Dam so we decided to make a how to video.
Click on the links below to see how we catch them

Mark with a nice Eel tail catfish, Kaimen with his first silver perch, A lungfish about a metre long caught on a live shrimp.

My first Yellowbelly/Golden perch, Another nice Australian bass, and a noxious species from Africa called Tilapia.


Some land based bass and yellowbelly at Lake Samsonvale/North Pine


Eeetail catfish or tandanus tandanus on live garden worms and a Yellowbelly on a soft plastic


Tilapia and Bass on live garden worms from the picnic area at Bullockys Rest on North Pine dam and aYellowbelly


Lake Kurwongbah landbased bass on vibes and blades



Nice Jewfish and bream from Nambucca River NSW while staying on a houseboat for a few days


Some nice Barra from Bli Bli Barra Park 


Some Boyne River Barra caught after Lake Awoonga Dam overflowed early 2011, click on the link below to see the Barra video



Tilapia from Mungarra Reserve Petrie


Tilapia from Zillman Waterholes Zillmere North Brisbane


Small Barra from Lake Awoonga, grunter on soft plastic in Gladstone, honeycomb/wire net cod


A little jack from Boyne river Benaraby and a Squidgy caught cod from Gladstone harbour

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Peter Hansler

Brisbane  Queensland  Australia

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