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There are alot more pics available than what is here of the same subjects just with different angles, light conditions etc
Aerial photos taken with my Phantom 4 Pro+ Drone, the rest with various other cameras.
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Aerial Photos

Lord Howe Island Moon on Sunrise

Moreton Island at Tangalooma Wrecks

Urangun Pier Hervey Bay

Lord Howe Island

Low tide at Scarborough on the Redcliffe Peninsular

Tangalooma Wrecks Moreton Island

Lord Howe Island

North Western Side of Moreton Island

Sandgate/Brighton Foreshore sunrise

Hornibrook Bridge North Brisbane

Super Moon over North Pine Dam

Looking back towards Mount Glorious from Dayboro on New Years Eve

Urangun Pier Hervey Bay

"Washing Away the Red" on a King tide at the Scarborough end of Redcliffe Peninsular

Tangalooma Wrecks Moreton Island

Lord Howe Island Moon at Sunrise

Urangun Pier Hervey Bay

Tangalooma Wrecks and Sandhills Moreton Island

Supermoon over North Pine Dam

Leaving Scarborough for a day over at Moreton Island

Dohles Rocks boat ramp looking back towards the Hornibrook Bridge on the Pine River

"The Island" in North Pine Dam

Hornibrook Bridge Pine River North Brisbane

One Tree Hill Maleny, the most photgraphed tree in Qld!

Currimundi Entrance Sunshine Coast

Woody Point Jetty Redcliffe Peninsular

Lees Crossing Dayboro just north of Brisbane

North Pine Dam Wall

Currimundi Sunshine Coast

Dolphins around the boat

Scarborough Spit Redcliffe Peninsular

Caloundra on Queenslands Sunshine Coast

Brighton Foreshore

Thats Woody Point Jetty in the background

Brighton/Pine River/Hornibrook Bridge/Redcliffe/Woody Point

Brighton Foreshore looking south towards Sandgate

Brighton Sunset

Brighton/Sandgate Foreshore, Brisbane City far left

Brighton Foreshore

Brighton Foreshore, Brisbane City far left

Non Aerial pics

Wrasse at Tangalooma Wrecks

Mangrove Jack checking out the camera in Moreton Bay

Dragonfly on the Pine River 

Kookaburra Maleny Botanical Gardens Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Australian Native - Empire Gudgeon   Hypseleotris compressa

Underwater in Moreton Bay

Eastern Water Skink - Eulamprus quoyii - Upper reaches of the Calliope River Queensland

Carnarvon Gorge Central Queensland

 Lady Elliot Island Green Turtle

Dugong at Moreton Island

Yellowtail Kingfish taking a live bait Curtin Reef Moreton Island

Keelback Snake - Tropidonophis mairii - Carnarvon Gorge

Upper Reaches of the Calliope River Central Queensland

Feeding fish Neds Beach Lord Howe Island

Galapogus Shark at Lord Howe Island

Tangalooma Wrecks Mangrove Jack

Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog

Sandcrab at Moreton Island

Tiger Squid in the live bait tank

Swan at Bald Hills Creek

2 pics merged in Photoshop

to be continued . . . . . . . . .


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