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These are pics of fish we caught in Sydney when we lived there from July 01, to Jan 04. All of these fish were caught with soft plastic lures. 
Mainly Squidgies, and Atomics. Except for the Carp and trout


Estuary Perch from Woronora River and Black Bream from Georges River.


Two Bream from the Georges River.


Yellowfin Bream from Georges river and my best Estuary Perch at +50cm.


Kaimen with a flathead, Jays nice flathead and Kaimen with a nice bream.


Kaimen with his first ever Estuary Perch and his uncle "The Iceman" with a nice Land Based Estuary Perch both from the Woronora River 
and me with another Ep from the Georges River.


Kaimen with his first Australian Bass 44cm from the Nepean River Camden, and 2 more Eps from the Georges River.


A blackfish taken on soft plastic. Kaimen with another bream and flathead


A nice little School Jew from the Woronora River.  All the fish above were released.


Jay with a decent size carp and Kaimen with a Goldfish.


Another carp and Kaimen with his biggest, all caught on pieces of bread

Kaimen with a couple of those pesky NSW fisherman that kept bugging us for our fishing spots and wanted to have their photo taken with us.


Two beautiful Trout, a Brown and a Rainbow from earlier than 2000 somewhere in NSW.

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