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Pics from Gladstone Harbour, Local and Swains Reefs, Queensland before 2001


Estuary cod about 13kg. Still good eating at this size too.


Estuary Cod, Flowery Cod and a 16kg  Estuary Cod on a Shimano/Rex Hunt boat rod and 8kg mono line.


Black spot tuskfish/bluebone, rates in the top 3 tablefish for me.


Lure caught Bar-cheeked trout and cod,  more lure caught Bar-cheeked trout or Island trout.


A nice little tiger shark caught on Swains Reef, these are the jaws from it


Barracuda, Jay with some nice whiting and Jays first Grunter/ Javelin fish.


Awoonga Dam Barra about 65cm, Kaimen with the same fish, Rick with a nice Saltwater Barra.


Bluenose Salmon, Shovelnose shark/ray, Queenfish.


Jay with a lure caught catfish and small tarpon.


Coral trout, Barracod and another Island or Bar-cheeked trout


A  nice pair of Coronation Trout, Dolphin fish/Mahi-Mahi, coral trout in the live tank, and Mick with a Yellowtail Kingfish.


Luke with a Spanish Mackerel,  Maori Wrasse, Passionfruit Trout.


Red Emperor, Spotted Mackerel, and Trevally.


Tuna, Some of the magnificent sites near Masthead Island, and a turtle which had just laid eggs on Boyne Island beach making its way back to the water.


Some old pics of Kingfish, Queenfish,  a Shovelnose shark/ray, and a trip to Rundle Island


Li'l Maniki, The Rainbowrunner 1

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